Research and Development

has always been a strong

part of our company

It began with an idea:
More than 15 years ago, we at IAG-ng set for ourselves the task of developing and building state-of- the-art FTIR measurement systems for the automotive market

From the very beginning, we focused on durability, ease of use and simplified maintenance as our top priorities. In 2007, the first generation of IAG-ng FTIR measurement systems was developed in collabora- tion with MKS Instruments.

As a result of the consistently high demands we place on ourselves and our suppliers, we have been able to continually develop and improve our FTIR measuring systems. Since the beginning, our focus and philoso- phy have not changed.
About us
The OFS is the first onboard FTIR system that is as light and compact as other PEMS systems and therefore can be mounted on tow balls. Due to the new design and the given measurement physics of the FTIR principle, it is not necessary to carry any additional operation or calibration gases in the passenger compartment of the vehicle to be tested.
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Individuality motivates us!
Beside our standards, over the last 20 years we have carried out various special projects for customers around the world.

IAG is known for its uncommon flexibility.
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Our products

Measuring instruments
Over the years, IAG-ng has developed an extensive product portfolio.

The product range includes pure FTIR- and TDLS- based analysis systems for test bench operation, as well as combined analysis systems that use both FTIR and standard measurement technology such as NDIR, PMA or CLD. These can be custom-configured according to customer requirements.
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