Test Cell Equipment
IAG-ng offers a wide range of products for seamless operation in the test cell environment. From temperature controllers with current consumption of up to 63A, sample conditioning units with/without pressure regulation, driver guidance systems for roller dynamometers to a wide range of custom solutions to meet your specific testing needs, IAG-ng has you covered.


The IAG nG FLS is the ideal additional device to your FTIR to turn it into a complete, simple and safe working measu- ring build-up.
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IAG nG MSJ gas line switches are impressive for their extremely compact design, lasting, complete seal tightness and maintenance-friendliness.
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IAG nG MGK Compressor Sample Gas Cooler.
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The TRE01 is a compact PID temperature controller for one control circuit with digital alarm output.
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The TRE08 is a high-performance temperature controller for supplying long heated hoses for extensive multiple samples or even precise monitoring of multiple control circuits.
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The MTS is an extremely elegant and versatile driver aid/ guidance system that is also suited for use in climatic test benches.
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