With a focus on Ammonia (NH3), Formaldehyde (CH2O) and nitrous oxide (N2O) within Real Driving Emissions (RDE) measurement requirements, we offer our FT-IR and laser based PEMS devices. These systems are optimized to achieve very short response times as well as very high accuracy and stability under challenging ambient conditions such as extreme elevation variation, vehicle vibration and sudden acceleration forces.


IAG-ng’s On-Board FT-IR System (OFS) provides a unique solution for PEMS gaseous measurements. Embedded FT-IR technology combined with a sleek and lightweight design enables unprecedented measurement capabilities in the RDE market.
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The counterpart of the test cell NMS measurement system, the NMSm is a diode laser based and extractive ammonia measurement system especially developed for the harsh environment of On-Board testing in the RDE market.
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