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Our future & direction

It began with an idea:
More than 15 years ago, we at IAG-ng set for ourselves the task of developing and building state-of- the-art FTIR measurement systems for the automotive market.

From the very beginning, we focused on durability, ease of use and simplified maintenance as our top priorities. In 2007, the first generation of IAG-ng FTIR measurement systems was developed in collaboration with MKS Instruments.

As a result of the consistently high demands we place on ourselves and our suppliers, we have been able to continually develop and improve our FTIR measuring systems. Since the beginning, our focus and philosophy have not changed.

Research and Development

has always been a strong

part of our company

Our Services

What we do?
From its very beginnings, looking towards the future has always been an essential part of IAG-ng’s ideology. In keeping with this idea, we made it our goal in 2018 to bring FTIR measurement technology onto the road. We succeeded in doing so in 2020. Research and development have always been a key area. 

Consistently Advancing is not just our motto - it is our attitude.

More than 20 years

Of austrian Innovation / Company history

It all started in 2000 with Dieter Pokorny and the founding of IAG-ng Test Cell Technology under the name of Artech at the time. In 2006, Artech was integrated into IAG Industrieautomatisierung GmbH and was renamed IAG Test Cell Technology.

From 2007, IAG Test Cell Technology worked intensively on the development of FTIR spectrometer-based exhaust gas analyzer systems. In just 10 years IAG had sold100 FTIR systems.

In 2019 IAG Test Cell Technology separated from IAG Industrieautomatisierung GmbH and became an independent company. From 2019 onward, Dieter and Rainer Pokorny have been the general managers of IAG-ng Test Cell Technology.

In 2020 more than 200 FTIR systems are currently in operation all over Europe as well as in the USA, China, Kuwait, and Japan.

Artech has been founded
Introduction of the first VFC prefilter
Development of the VFS prefilter with multiple gas inlets
Artech integration into IAG Industrie Automatisierung
First FAS FTIR Analysing System Delivery
Development of FTIR-Analyzing Systems FAS05 Versa
Over 1000 Sampling Systems (PNS) are manufactured
More than 70 FTIR-Analyzing Systems are in use
Launch of the versa06 FTIR Analyzing System
More than 100 FTIR Analyzing Systems in use
More than 150 FTIR analyser systems sold
IAG Industrie Automatisierung becomes a separate enterprise again.
The NMS Mobile onboard NH3 measuring system is launched
More than 200 FTIR analyser systems sold
The OFS, the first towball mounted onboard FTIR system has been launched
#200 FTIR Analyzer System sold

Customer Service

We are always there for you!
Optimal customer care is our overriding principle. Above all, this means that our employees are directly available for you at all times. We do not issue online tickets – you will find all our direct contact details on our homepage.

Whether you want to speak to a software developer or one of the directors, just give us a call! It is normal for us to adapt to individual requirements and to work out tailormade solutions in every case. Our maintenance plans, for example, range from a convenient, all-inclusive service contract with a guarantee of availability (in which all maintenance and repair expenses are included) to maintenance by the users themselves. An intelligent, common parts concept reduces the number of required wear parts to a minimum guaranteeing high uptime for IAG-ng measurment systems. Accessibility, a clear system layout, comprehensive diagnostic tools as well as low spare parts costs makes IAG exhaust gas measurement systems the clear choice.

We have been an MKS premium partner for many years and have extensive experience in all MKS FTIR spectrometer repairs. We are also certified as a service partner for all other devices and components used in our measurement systems.
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Workshop & Production

Hands on Assembling

Ease of use and maintenance coupled with the accuracy and above all the high repeatability of the measured values from our measurement instruments/systems results, to a large degree, from the diligent and conscientiousness approach we take in our manufacturing process.

We, at IAG-ng, exclusively manufacture all products at our Headquarters located in Weikersdorf,Austria. This "in-house production” ensures the continuous high quality our customers demand and expect. An added benefit to this approach is the relatively short lead time for shipment of spare and wear parts.


a diverse Crew with a range of skills
For over 20 years, IAG-ng has been involved in exhaust gas measurement technology for the further devel- opment of modern combustion engines and complex industrial processes. During this time, our team has grown continuously from 2 to over 30 employees. At the same time, we have developed from a handful of idealists into a well-coordinated team of experienced specialists with a vast range of sub-areas. Most of the employees have been working at IAG-ng for a long time and know the entire operation down to the last detail. Through both professional and friendly work activities
a strong community has been established within the team. This flexible, solution-orientated approach has also meant that we have always succeeded in setting optimal customer service as our highest principle. All our customers know their contacts personally, and they in turn know the special requirements and needs of the individual customers. We transfer what we value in our daily interactions directly into our work, and we are al- ways there on a personal level for our customers.

a diverse, passionate, skilled crew

to strike at any

moments notice

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