As a leader in FT-IR measurement systems, we have extensive experience in the application of this technology. Carefully implemented and technically sophisticated solutions guarantee the highest levels of reliability, ease of maintenance, and thus maximum performance for relatively low operating costs. Our FT-IR and TDLAS based measuring systems have a modular design, meaning that they can be perfectly adapted to suit any purpose.

Versa06 compact

The new versa06 Compact offers precisely what its name suggests: Many of the proven capabilities of the original versa06, but in a sleek and more compact design.
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The versa06 FTIR analyzing system is an uncompromising application of the benefits of FTIR technology for measurement practice today.
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Versa06 lp

In principle the same system as the versa06, though the versa06 LP is equipped with a venturi based vacuum pump instead of a heated membrane pump to extract emission gas samples.
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Versa06 plus

The versa06 plus measuring system offers a wide variety of configuration options, “plus” stands for the combination of FTIR and conventional measuring technology.
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Versa06 dual

As indicated in its name, the versa06 dual is a fully parallel two-line FT-IR measurement system for e.g., simultaneous pre-post CAT measurements.
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Due to its compact design, IAG-ng’s TDLAS based extractive ammonia measurement system is perfectly suited for integration into a test bench.
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