Filter Cartridges

Overview of the IAG nG filter cartridge range.

Our wide range of filter cartridges enables individual selection of the optimum filter material and appropriate deposition rate for any situation.

All IAG nG filters offer the highest quality at an attractive price: once again we guarantee the highest accuracy for your measure- ments for a constantly low cost.

All IAG nG filters have a filter surface of 70 cm2 and can be instal- led in any IAG nG filter chamber.

Technical specifications
PTFE Compound Ceramic Filters
E-FP-CS Deposition
99.00% Particles and Aerosols >0.01μm
E-FP-DS Deposition
93.00% Particles and Aerosols >0.01μm
E-FP-BS Deposition
99.99% Particles and Aerosols >0.01μm
Stainless Steel Meshwork Filters
E-FP-EM-F2 Deposition
2 μm Particles
E-FP-EM-F5 Deposition
5 μm Particles
Stainless Steel Sinter Filters
E-FP-ES-F3 Deposition
96 % Partikel > 0.2 μm
E-FP-ES-F8 Deposition
96 % Partikel > 0.04 μm
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