IAG nG MGK Compressor Sample Gas Cooler.

The IAG nG MGK Sample Gas Cooler is a highly compact device,
measuring 3HE high and 400 mm deep, but also considering that as a compressor cooler unit it provides adequate power even at high ambient temperatures.

All electrical and gas connectors are located on the back of the instrument, while the control panel and the condensate pump are on the front. In this way the complete system can be clearly structured, retaining all gas and energy supply connectors on the back of all units, whereas the status of the gas cooler and the proper functioning of the condensate pump can be viewed from the front panel.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (mm)
L 19“
H 400
Anodized Aluminium
Sample Gas Connectors
6 mm Swagelok
Sample Flow Rate
Up to 15 l/Min at 200°C
Temperature Stability
+/- 0,3°C
Cooling Power
~200 W
Condensate Outlet
6 mm Swagelok
Alarm Output
Binder 711
Power Supply
230V/500 W
Power Supply Connection
IEC Power Socket
Compact Dimensions
High Cooling Power
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
Status Indicatore
Dewpoint Sensor with Alarm Setting
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